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About IMNetwork Corporation

IMNetwork Corporation develops complex custom applications for clients worldwide. As a full-service software consulting firm and online marketing organization, we can handle all aspects of your software project - design, implementation, testing specifications and related services.

The main goal of our organization is to provide businesses with the tools and services required to represent themselves and their products or services effectively
and efficiently.  We deliver cutting-edge solutions to provide a company with the opportunities it needs to move their organization technologically into the future.


IMNetwork Corporation has experience in but not limited to the below industries:
Online Mortgage Quotes, Online Health Insurance, Online Life Insurance, Short Term Major Medical, Instant Life Quotes and the Medical Resources industry.

IMNetwork has worked with national mortgage brokerages which acts as both the broker and the bank. Even though we work with mortgage brokerages IMNetwork also works with state specific mortgage branches: Arizona Mortgages, Arizona Mortgage Rates and Arizona Loans.

IMNetwork works closely with organizations that provide discount prescription drug plans, dental plans and complete healthcare savings plans.

We also deal heavily with national life insurance agencies and life insurance brokerages specializing in typically uninsurable clients with health conditions such as Diabetes, Sleep Apnea, Cancer as well as applicants who are smokers or overweight.  IMNetwork is very proud to be apart of companies that provide Life Insurance for Diabetics as well as Cancer Life Insurance.

IMNetwork is happy to be apart of an industry that provides individuals with online medical Information. We have helped design a user-friendly portal for health resources.  These organizations specialize in providing medical information to the online community without paid advertisements or pop-ups, allowing for an easily navigated experience free of competitive advertising.

What Sets Us Apart

IMNetwork prides itself in being able to cater to each company's unique and specialized needs when it comes to online management necessities.  Whether an organization requires a new design for their website, or a customer management system, IMNetwork can provide a solution for any facet of business. 

IMNetwork is committed to providing both individuals and small businesses with the tools needed to move their organization technologically into the future.
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