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IMNetwork Telemarketing Services is your source for all of your customer contact outsource solutions - including outbound services, appointment setting, lead generation, surveys, web page push, live chat, web call back, and more. Located in Fountain Hills, Arizona since 1999.

Over the past several years, call center outsourcing has become a key component in many company's business success. As the outsourcing trend continues to rapidly expand, more and more companies have realized the tremendous cost-savings they can experience by utilizing an outsourced service to handle their outbound call support.

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Online Marketing

The internet has become a resource for much of the mass media. Millions of surfers use internet daily, and it is simply not enough to have a well designed web site. To keep your company ahead of your competition, it is very important to make and keep marketing plans. The Internet is a place where all businesses, small or large, make their presence known and enter in direct competition with other competing organizations. We provide you with our marketing expertise to help position your website as a market leader.

Website Optimization

IMNetwork has the ability to position your website on the internet so that it gets as much traffic as possible. Successful businesses have frequently viewed websites and high volumes of clients. Optimizing your website relates directly to the success of your company!

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing greatly increases the exposure your company receives. If you have an e-commerce Website, you should be practicing affiliate marketing. For a company to have affiliates on the internet is like having a network. Each individual branch is capable of bringing in just as much revenue and traffic as the original location. There are several areas that IMNetwork can focus on to create a franchise effect on the Internet for your company!

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Search Engine Marketing

Research has shown that over 80% of Internet users utilize search engines for all of their research and information. IMNetwork can position your website on these search engines to make your site the most seen and used in your industry!

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IMNetwork is committed to providing both individuals and small businesses with the tools needed to move their organization technologically into the future. /span>
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