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About Email Marketing

  Is Permission Mail compliant     with the Canned SPAM Act?

Permission mail is unlike the unsolicited bulk mail (SPAM).  Permission Mail is more friendly way of direct marketing. The subscribers give us permission to send them E-Mail on the topics of their choice. This helps in targeting your emails to your potential customers.

 Is it expensive?

No -   Please contact IMNetwork for details on our pricing plans and options!

Do I have to Sign a Contract?

Using IMNetwork's Permission Mail system, there is no contract agreement that needs to be signed.  Our program allows individuals to use our E-Mailing services on an as needed basis, or setup a monthly payment plan.  This allows our clients to have the freedom of utilizing E-Mail marketing at their leisure and convenience!

Do I have to create my own E-Mail address list?

Using Permission Mail allows you to not only use your own pre-made E-Mail list, but also provides the option of having a list created for you.  IMNetwork will specify a demographic ideal for your marketing ventures!

Can I monitor my sent E-Mails?

Permission Mail allows it's administrators to monitor the E-Mails that are sent out.  You are able to see which E-Mails were delivered, who read them, who deleted them and whether or not they have responded! 

How am I charged for this service?

There are numerous ways in which someone can pay for their Permission Mailing Services.  We provide a variety of ways including paying by credit card via PayPal, faxing a check or mailing in a check.  For more information on our pricing and billing options, please contact us today!


 It's FAST!

IMNetwork's Permission Mailing system is the fastest way to reach your potential customers!  You are allowing your clients to instantly respond to you for quicker and easier communication and business transactions!

No fees!

Since E-Mail makes for no printing charges, no postal charges or return mail charges, and has such minimal production costs,  permission mail marketing is very cost-effective.  Many business owners spend hundreds of dollars on flyers, brochures and print advertising, while marketing through E-Mail is virtually free!


E-mail is interactive, immediate and best of all an inexpensive and effective way of advertising on the Internet. E-mail is an entirely different medium than traditional direct marketing, and even more effective than banner advertising. This method is fast and gets an instantaneous response. Your company will be able to reach millions of potential customers directly everyday!


Permission mail campaigns can be scheduled and sent at any time you want, including automatic daily campaigns.  You will then be able to see the results of your campaigns in real time through our customized database view, right from your computer!


The potential customers who receive the permission mail from this service have asked for various information about the products, services, offers etc. and are therefore expecting these E-Mail messages. We also respect the privacy of the subscriber who gives us permission to send E-Mail to their accounts. We feel that maintaining the trust of our clients will establish a lasting relationship, and we strictly honor their request if they wish to opt out.

IMNetwork is committed to providing both individuals and small businesses with the tools needed to move their organization technologically into the future.
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