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IMNetwork provides the highest quality and lowest cost custom website solutions on the market. We are offering affordable website services so if you are without a website, you are missing out on sales opportunities and added credibility.

IMNetwork makes owning a website branded with your information simple and affordable.

Small businesses need reliable, easy-to-use Web hosting services because there's no time to waste in gaining that competitive edge. Whether you need to establish a professional online business presence or your business has outgrown its current service provider, IMNetwork has solutions to meet your small business Web hosting needs. And as your business grows, we have a range of Web hosting plans that provide you with the features, disk space, and bandwidth you'll need.

Hosting Highlights

  • Modification Friendly - Easily assess live website statistics, easily change your website color, buttons and information that resides within the webpage's.

  • No HTML code - Modifications to your website can be done by you without any html or website coding knowledge.

  • Free Additions - Instantly add additional webpage's for free.

  • PDF/Word/Excel - Upload product brochures (pdf, word, excel) for clients to reference and download.

  • Custom Domain Name - Have your own custom domain name (example:

  • Financial Industry - Add an online quoter to generate online requests. This allows you to provide instant and accurate term life insurance quotes to prospects visiting your website.

  • Lead Delivery - Direct prospects to your contact us page and generate "request for contact" leads. Leads will be emailed to you instantly after a prospect fills in their contact information. (Ask us about our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application)

Signing up is easy

Getting started is simple, just click on the Sign up Now button to the right, and we will step you through the process. Website signup

All hosting plans include

  • Online storage

  • e-mail accounts; virus filters

  • online management tools

  • full support for Microsoft FrontPage Extensions

  • 24 x 7 e-mail support.

Earn 2 free month for every new customer you refer to us - have them provide your domain name when they call to order.

IMNetwork is committed to providing both individuals and small businesses with the tools needed to move their organization technologically into the future.
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