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Newsletter Organizer

Newsletter Organizer provides users with a personal and customized method of bringing data driven applications to E-Newsletter and email marketing especially for businesses and workgroups. This service allows users to create multiple newsletters, both in text and HTML formats, manage their subscribers and broadcast emails at ease. Managing subscribers, creating email lists, templates and email content all comes easily with Newsletter Organizer!

Newsletter Organizer Console is a web browser with simple navigation. Our design allows users to get a bird's eye view of the newsletter campaign management process. Users can manage mailing list individually or by groups, subscriptions, newsletter creation, mailings, scheduling and campaign reporting. Email contact lists can be merged, purged and compared. These lists can also be segmented and edited.

This product also contains Opt- in and Opt- out options, as well as the ability to create a separate list for email tracking. Newsletter Organizer allows web-based reporting to work hand in hand with real-time monitoring, channel analysis, response reporting, and campaign measurement.

Lead Organizer

IMNetwork offers a CRM - Lead Organizer web-application for small and mid-sized companies.  Utilizing Lead Organizer allows prospects to have better contact with a company but it also allows for task an activity management.

Today both small and large businesses would like to improve the effectiveness of their prospects and drive them towards better sales and higher revenue.  IMNetwork's Lead Organizer has the tools to accomplish such goals. 

Lead Organizer will help reduce the effort and acquisition costs when capturing new prospects for your marketing purposes. Lead Organizer maximizes the return on investime Return on Investment.  Not only is this service lucrative for every business, it is also reliable and dependable.

System and Support

The Lead Organizer application is customized and deployed in a very short time, therefore not creating downtime!

Once Lead Organizer is loaded, IMNetwork offers an incredible 99.97% uptime guarantee!  Our service level agreement however offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee!



IMNetwork is committed to providing both individuals and small businesses with the tools needed to move their organization technologically into the future.
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